Welcome to the premier issue of Differentiate!

I’m so excited that you have decided to join us on this journey. I want to take a moment and share with you my vision for this magazine.

Differentiate is dedicated to helping health and wellness practitioners grow their businesses. This is accomplished through providing the best, most relevant information that they can take action on in areas of their practices (excluding actual clinical information).

This magazine grew out of my desire to better educate health and wellness professionals about the importance of branding. The more that I thought about the concept the more I wanted to make this magazine one that would be a repository of critical business information that just isn’t taught in the courses to become a professional health and wellness practitioner. The information that is critical to running a successful practice – how to market and get patients, how to stand out from a crowd of other practitioners, how to make sure your in compliance financially, legally, how to handle being an employer and dealing with all the issues that come with employees.

We will provide information on Finance – building and managing personal wealth, managing taxes, etc.; Legal – minimizing liabilities, legal Q&A, malpractice issues, etc., Marketing – branding, advertising, patient recruitment,; Patient Relations – customer service, patient retention, patient education, etc.; Personal Development – leadership, communication skills, motivation, ethics, etc.;

Practice Management – such as managing a staff, managing accounts, billing, collections; Technology – office technology, computers and software; Wellness – nutrition, self-care, acupuncture, homeopath. This list is not all inclusive, if there is something that we feel would be of benefit to our readers we will happily include it.

The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie annotated by Alice H. Murray.

If there is something that you would like to know more about, please let us know and we will find experts in that field to bring you resources and information so that you can make informed and educated decisions for your practice.

I know that you went into this field because you want to help people. Here at Differentiate, we want to help too… by helping you be the most successful practitioner you can be. By presenting you with articles with educational and actionable content, and including advertisements for businesses that want to help you succeed.

One of the main tenets in branding is to differentiate. We are here to help you do that, and hopefully in do so, we will do that ourselves.