Hey amazing women entrepreneurs! As we approach the final quarter of the year, it’s time to gear up for a fantastic finish. You know the saying, “Success leaves clues,” right? Well, this article is packed with powerful ideas that can help you make the most of these last few months and set your New Year up right. Let’s dive into decoding these clues and make the rest of the year epic.

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PillarPillar 1: Reflect on Your Progress

Before we dive into the last quarter, grab a cup of tea or coffee, a notebook, and pen. Often, we get so caught up in being productive that we forget to look back and reflect on the journey so far this year. What have you achieved? What obstacles did you overcome? What lessons did you learn? Sometimes, success may not be reflected by an increase in your bottom line. You may have experienced personal or professional growth that has shifted your perspective, setting you up to attract more clients/customers, receiving more money, or aligning you with your purpose.

Take some time and ask yourself:

    • What are my most fantastic wins so far? (big and small)
    • What hurdles did I face, and how did I leap (or stumble) over them?
    • What lessons have I learned that will light my path through the last quarter and beyond?

    Gift yourself this thoughtful review to pat yourself on the back. This process helps you discover patterns, strengths, and areas where you have transformed or need to grow.

    The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie annotated by Alice H. Murray.

    PillarnapkinPillar 2: Set Clear Goals

    We think of goal setting as something we do at the beginning of the year. However, setting goals for each quarter helps you realize greater success. As a former tax accountant, I meet with my clients each quarter to assess their goals and provide solutions to problems they encountered during the previous quarter. That way we didn’t wait until the end of the year to make changes. Far too often people wait until the end of the year to review their progress, believing next year they will do better.

    Let’s talk about setting clear and exciting goals for the last quarter. Define what success means to you. For example, I determined a long time ago that “time” was the most valuable aspect of being an entrepreneur. I wanted to have time with my kids and time for myself. I specifically structured my business around what I wanted most, versus squeezing time with my kids and myself around my business.

    As you look at your goals for the final quarter use the SMART goals model:

      Spell out exactly what you want to achieve.
      Set up ways to track your progress. For example, if you need 2-3 more clients, then what is your typical conversion rate? If your conversion rate is 1 in 25, then you’ll need to talk with at least 50-75 people to reach your 2-3 new clients. As you look at this goal, how will you track your progress?
      Keep it real, make sure your goals are within reach. Now I’m all about “shooting for the stars.” However, if you’ve only made $20,000 this year, reaching the million-dollar mark may be out of reach, unless you’ve already got some goodies in the hopper. I often recommend my clients have Gold, Silver and Bronze goals. The Gold goals would be a pie-in-the-sky, if this was a perfect world type goal. Silver goals are a step below that and Bronze goals are the most achievable ones.
      Align your goals with your ultimate dreams. Time-freedom and creating multiple-streams of income have been my guiding goals as an entrepreneur. Be honest with yourself. Why do you have this business? Diving into your Why is a fabulous way to get to the heart of your business.
      Set specific deadlines for your goals to light a fire under you.
      Breaking your goals into smaller, manageable tasks for the last quarter will make them feel more achievable. This process is exactly why I set up GoddessPowered Momentum Zone. With my clients, I saw they were unable to stay on track with their goals. The Momentum Zone is a virtual workspace that meets weekly. We each identify our top priorities for the week and at least 3 action steps to take towards reaching each goal. This process helps each of us prioritize like a boss, monitor progress, and maximize our effectiveness. It’s a definite recipe for success!

      PillarPillar 3: Build Strong Relationships

      Relationships are the secret sauce to any business. Discovering how to build strong relationships is the foundation everyone needs to master. Whether it’s building and nurturing relationships with our clients, partners, and fellow entrepreneurs, relationships are vital to your business success.

      A part of building healthy relationships is determining the type of relationship you have with others. For example, you could be a referral partner. This simply means that you may have a similar target audience yet offer something different. And let’s face it, we are not everyone’s cup of tea. When someone doesn’t buy your product and service, having someone you can refer them is a good business practice. Remember, whatever you do comes back to you. Even if it isn’t referring people back to you, someone else will.

      The more we work together, the more successful we will all be. Use this quarter to forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones. Reach out to past clients, collaborators, or mentors. Reconnect and explore opportunities for new collaborations or referrals. Find networks that you resonate with to build relationships that lead to greater success for everyone.

      PillarPillar 4: Embrace Continuous Learning

      As women entrepreneurs, we know that learning never stops. Business is always evolving, and we need to keep up. Dive into books, follow the examples of other successful people, take online courses, workshops or hire a coach. Invest in your growth and development. While working as an accountant, I typically recommended our clients reinvest 20-30% of their business income into personal and professional development. What could you consider exploring to improve your business? Maybe it’s improving business and money skills. Perhaps it’s mastering your mindset and overcoming sabotaging behaviors such as procrastination. Or maybe creating a strategy would give you clarity and a roadmap for your success. Reinvesting in your business means you’re in it for the long haul versus short term gains.

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      stack of books isolated on white backgroundSeek out knowledge, skills, and mentors that empower you to make informed decisions and adapt to changing times. This could be something specific to your industry or improving your tech knowledge. Upgrading your business and money skills is vital to managing more money when you get it. When I was working as a tax accountant, I saw the same thing every year. As I reviewed the numbers with my clients, they were often surprised at how much money they made, yet wondered where it went. It’s important to know your numbers and have a plan for the money you receive. It’s easy to spend everything without preparing for the future, always feeling like you’re chasing moo-lah-lah.

      PillarPillar 5: Success Leaves Clues

      The last quarter of the year goes fast. In fact, by mid-December most people are no longer thinking about business. That means you’ll want to keep a close eye on your goals, action steps, and performance. Track your progress daily or weekly, depending on your goals to ensure you’re sliding through the year, anticipating that you’ll gather speed in the year ahead. Gather feedback from customers, colleagues, collaborators, and your team to stay focused. Success leaves behind data and insights that guide your decisions and progress.

      Be ready to tweak your strategy based upon what you learn along the way. Stay resilient for any unexpected curveballs or open doors to new opportunities. Embrace change with a positive outlook and view setback as stepping-stones to your success. By staying flexible and responsive, you can turn challenges into chances for growth.

      Finally, celebrate your wins, big and small! Recognize your successes to boost your spirits and motivate your success. Express gratitude for the support and contributions of those who have been by your side.

      Embrace this last quarter, remembering that success is a journey, not a destination. The clues are all around you, ready to guide you towards your goals and dreams. As you embark on this last quarter, reflect on your journey, set clear goals, build strong relationships, embrace continuous learning, and follow the breadcrumbs of your success. With determination and a positive mindset, this last quarter can be a springboard to bigger, bolder achievements in the year ahead. You’ve got this! I see BIG success for you!