Whilst most brands realize the need to have a consistently updated practice blog. The content marketing process can be more challenging than it initially looks. However, a great starting point is knowing what types of content to publish. The great news here is this article provides the answer and the information is universal to whatever industry you do business in.

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1. Latest news relevant to your industry

It’s fair to assume that your audience keeps up with your updates at least partly because of the industry you operate in. This means that they will be interested in the latest news within that industry, especially if you can provide a unique take or angle on a story. So, make sure you have good sources of information so you are ready for that blog topic.

Keep in mind that news stories can be bland and a generic piece may not perform well if you aren’t first to provide coverage on it. This means you should be quick to react to the latest relevant stories but also be ready to provide a different angle on it. You may wish to also detail what it means for your business and why this creates a challenge or opportunity.

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2. Evergreen Content

It would be a mistake to think you can run your entire practice blog on the back of news stories alone. You want to mix up your content marketing a fair bit to ensure your followers do not get bored of your content because it’s too repetitive. One way to achieve this is by writing evergreen articles regularly.

Whilst there is a clue in the name, an evergreen blog piece is the opposite of a news article. The idea is it doesn’t have a short shelf life and can keep generating page views for months or even years after it was initially written. This also provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase your expertise because tips and advice are commonly used in evergreen content. So, this is also how you create value in your blog.

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3. Practice Features

Yes, your practice blog is also a great place to showcase some of the things happening in your business. There are so many amazing opportunities here depending on what type of blog you wish to run. So, if you want to go full multimedia you could cover a live practice event or do a full case study on some of the work you have been doing.

Remember that users like to know the people involved in your business, so features on staff members are often very engaging. But as a general rule, aim to produce content here that gets to the heart of the culture of your practice. The more you can showcase your uniqueness, the more engagement you are likely to receive.

Most brands have good intentions for content marketing but generating ideas for a practice blog isn’t always as easy as it looks. Part of the challenge is working out what type of content to produce, so this article has hopefully provided some food for thought. Remember on your blog you should feature the latest news relevant to your industry, evergreen content, and features related to your practice.