We’re going to delve into your patient/target audience and the patient experience in this issue.

We’ve crafted worksheets for each of these.  If you want to work on the patient/target audience, it’s just below this introduction.  If you’re more interested in the patient experience – click here – to jump to that section of the page.

Patients/Target Audience:

CULTIVATING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS Were going to start with defining our base patient. Their demographics and psychographics. For this exercise, I want you to select one patient who represents the type of patient you would like to have more of.

With this person in mind, answer the following...

Revise and refine the information as necessary to complete the persona worksheet available at https://tiny1.org/persona.

Understanding your target audience is paramount in crafting tailored strategies and engaging with your patients in meaningful ways.

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The patient experience worksheet begins here: